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Frequently Asked Questions

Q - Do you shoot films outside of Melbourne?

A - Yes we shoot right across Victoria and even interstate if required. Depending on how far from Melbourne CBD we are needed, accommodation may be required, but this is organised on a case by case basis.


Q - Pricing - how can it cost $1,490 for just 4 hours of filming?

A - The overwhelming majority of what we do to produce your video is in the editing phase back in the studio, after we film your day. It can take easily 3 to 4 times as long to edit all the footage, colour grade, add titles, transitions, background music, render, upload or post etc, as it did to film on the day. This is where most of your money is going.

Q - Most companies have a turn around time of 3-6 months. How do you offer 2 week turnaround?

A - We are a small independent business, everything is owned and operated in house, and we don't double book ourselves. As we're only filming a couple of projects a week, we have a lot of time free to edit. Often, bridal couples will receive their final video on their honeymoon, which is a beautiful little suprise!

Q - How do we secure a booking and save our date?

A - A 25% deposit secures your date, with the remainder payable 2 weeks prior to your day.

Q - What do we physically receive?

A - You will receive both the short highlight reel (3 to 5 mins) and full length movie (usually 45 mins to 1 hour) within 2 weeks of filming, sent to you online through the cloud (dropbox etc). Shortly after we will also send you a USB stick of same, in a beautifully engraved wooden box, in the post. Just like this. As each unique box takes time to create with your names on it, this takes a little longer to send you.

You will also receive a 1 minute "insta story" video in vertical mode perfect for instagram and facebook stories. And finally, a 30 second "teaser" a couple of days after the wedding to share on socials also.

Q - What are the audio options for recording the bride and groom at the ceremony?
A - Micing the groom with a lav mic is easy and that alone can sound good for the bride too, but where it gets really good is when you also put a lav mic inside the brides dress. This is easy to do, perfectly concealed, and we will help set it all up for you.
Here's a video to show you how it's done!

Q - Do you film projects other than weddings?

A - Yes absolutely! We have years of experience filming music videos, real estate, corporate events and more. Click here to see our portfolio for examples.

Q - How does it work with the drone at a wedding?

A - Generally the drone footage is used as "establisher shots", as in, setting the scene for the film at the very start. However the drone can be used in many spots where appropriate, and is also dependent on the location. For example if you are having an outdoor wedding reception, then there can be ample oppourtunity to get some aerial footage of the reception party, and we use a tiny and quiet DJI Mini 2, which is currently one of the softest 4K drones on the market (we bought it for this reason!). 

Q - Our speeches are important. How will you capture good quality audio of our speeches?

A - 99% of the time we plug our Zoom H5 audio recorder into your band or DJ's aux output to capture speeches, or the venues mixing desk if you're using their PA. As backup, we always have our regular Rode mic mounted onto our camera, so you will never just be getting horrible camera audio. 

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